The division is responsible for the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel’s budget, collections, payments to suppliers, and for agreements and initiatives between the Federation and the private and public sectors, for example, Yours Club and Muni Expo.

In addition, the division:

  • Coordinates the work of the different forums
  • Works hand in hand with the local authorities
  • Assists with problems arising from the field
  • Manages the Federation’s strategy and government relations
  • Promotes business development and engages in public relations
  • Is in charge of technology, digitization and information, and human resources management

2023 began with the establishment of a new government and marks the end of a five-year term in which the Federation functioned in an inspiring manner throughout five central-government elections, a global pandemic, and a tense security situation. The Federation has gained strength, and residents of local authorities consider it the first point of contact for all intents and purposes.


Deputy CEO - Liron Doron Levi