The Mediation Center of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel is a professional body aimed at resolving disputes by means of out-of-court discourse.

The Mediation Center engages with municipal disputes: claims where the local authority is a party to the process, which totals hundreds of thousands of new Israeli shekels in matters of contracts, planning and construction, land, fees and tolls, consumerism, etc.

The Vision of the Center

To resolve disputes within the local authorities from the very start through a new discourse, serving as a professional and firm alternative to undergoing an expensive legal process.

The Team of Mediators

The Center`s mediators are authorized, experienced and knowledgeable mediators in the civil and municipal fields. Mediators include former heads of local authorities and functionaries in the local authorities: engineers, accountants, advocates, director generals, treasurers, and others.

The Mediation Center is attributed much success and recognition by the courts as a professional body specializing in effective and quick municipal dispute resolutions. Most of the disputes the Center has dealt with had resulted in mediation settlements given a judgment validation, which ended long legal proceedings.